1120 SAT Score

This SAT score averages 373 points per section.

If you take the test multiple times, your score will most likely fluctuate between the range 1030-1210.

Is 1120 a good SAT score?

This SAT score means that you scored better than 9.4% of test takers.

Total Percentile: 9.4%
Male Percentile: 9.1%
Female Percentile: 9.7%

In 2006, 8,377 students scored 1120 on the SAT. There were 1,376,745 test takers in 2006.

(Data for 2006: Percentiles change depending on the year)

How does an 1120 SAT score translate to an ACT score or to the old SAT scoring?

The score converts to an ACT score of 14 out of 36. A 1120 translates into an old SAT score (before the writing section was added) of 740 out of 1600.

What are some schools I should consider with a 1120 SAT score?
(scores for 25-75th percentile of admitted students)

Research Universities

Liberal Arts Colleges

Bennett College for Women (1065-1335)
Pine Manor College (1050-1320)
Saint Augustines College (960-1280)

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